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Poster Posse Pro Portfolio Nicky Barkla MEOKA
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Poster Posse Pro Portfolio Nicky Barkla MEOKA
Hello, my name is Nicky.
...but you can call me Nic.

Nicky Barkla is a self-taught traditional & digital artist enjoying a quiet, minimalist life amongst the countryside in Victoria, Australia.

With a physics book in one hand and a witty comment in the other, Nic is known to have mastered the fine art of daydreaming!


Whenever she’s not staring into outer space, watching documentaries, reading a book or snapping photos of nature; she’s busy painting pictures all hours of the day & night…and on occasion, by candlelight.


Nicky’s art style isn’t quite black or white, sometimes it’s a kaleidoscope of swirling colors; sometimes it’s a neat scribble of a messy thought.  

 With a love of storytelling, vintage vibes and quirky characters, Nicky is best-known for painting vivid artwork inspired by popular culture, with a side of pink skeletons & aliens eating ice-cream. 


Side-stepping traditional art schools (and their rules), Nicky followed a wandering path into a creative career, inspired by a curiosity for color, imagination, animation & anatomy.  

This past decade Nicky has learned, and encouraged others, along the way while working with clients all over the world, from popular rock bands & entertainers such as: Steve Aoki, Neck Deep and Rhett & Link to Hollywood studios such as: Disney/Pixar/Marvel, Lionsgate, HBO, Paramount & Warner Bros.   


This is the most uncomfortable coffin I've ever been in. 

Bela Lugosi

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