Nicky Barkla is a self-taught pop-surreal artist living in the countryside amongst Victoria, Australia. Nicky uses a mix of media and techniques to create vivid, often kaleidoscopic, artwork, inspired by quirky pop-culture characters and intricate introspective musings. 
Nicky was selected as one of fifty artists in the world by CBS to contribute to Star Trek’s '50th Anniversary' art exhibition which toured galleries of the world for two years, she has been featured in various art books including the popular book series ‘Geek Art’ and has been a popular choice by international bands for album artwork. Nicky’s artwork style is always evolving, from psychedelic fan-art to detailed oil paintings saturated with metaphors. Nicky prefers the no-rules approach to creating and endeavours to create artwork that directly reflects her imagination, creating visual scenes that can't possibly exist in reality.