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Poster Posse Pro Portfolio Nicky Barkla MEOKA
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Poster Posse Pro Portfolio Nicky Barkla MEOKA
Nicky Barkla Baby Yoda Pop Culture Art Star Wars
Beetlejuice Michael Keaton, Tim Burton Art. Nicky Barkla Pop Culture Art


Nicky Barkla Pop Culture Art. Deadpool, Back to the Future, Tim Burton, Star Wars, Avengers.
Nicky Barkla Art Disney Studios
Nicky Barkla Art Disney Plus
Nicky Barkla Art Marvel Studios
Nicky Barkla Art Star Wars
Nicky Barkla Art Lucasfilm
Nicky Barkla Art Star Trek
Nicky Barkla Art CBS
Nicky Barkla Art Target
Nicky Barkla Art Warner Bros
Nicky Barkla Art Universal Studios
Nicky Barkla Art Paramount Pictures
Nicky Barkla Art Sega
Nicky Barkla Art Pixar
Nicky Barkla Art Steve Aoki
Nicky Barkla Art 8123
Nicky Barkla Art Rhett and Link
Nicky Barkla Art 20th Century Fox
Nicky Barkla Art Insight Editions
Nicky Barkla Art HBO MAX
Nicky Barkla Art Mythical Rhett and Link


Over the years I've had the inspired joy of working with, and learning from, many different clients, renowned studios & talented creative teams from all around the world.

Working on everything from movie posters & billboards to DVD packaging & album covers, using both traditional & digital media.

Currently, I'm proudly apart of the 'Poster Posse Pro' artist collective, working alongside some of the most talented artists in the industry, based in L.A, U.S.A. 

Nicky Barkla Art Pop Culture Illustration Gallery
Nicky Barkla Art - Star Trek 50th Anniversary World Tour Art Exhibit

Star Trek 50th anniversary World Tour

I had the honour of being selected by CBS Studios/Star Trek as one of 50 artists in the world to help celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary, with an art exhibit that toured the world for 2 years.

The exhibit took centre stage at Comic-Con San Diego, stopped by Paris, trekked through London & sipped coconuts with William Shatner on a Cruise Ship to the Bahamas. 


The art exhibit also featured work from Adam Nimoy (Sir Leonard Nimoy's son) & Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory).

Coming Soon
Nicky Barkla Art - Star Wars Celebration 2020 Key Art

Star Wars Celebration 2020 Key Art

I was selected by Lucasfilm for the career-defining task of creating the key art for the prestigious 'Star Wars Celebration' event in 2020.

The art intended to drape the Anaheim Convention Centre from the inside out - it was all a bit fancy.

The event was inevitably cancelled due to Covid 19.

 The humbled artwork was put to good use for official merchandise & happily helped decorate

Coming Soon
Nicky Barkla Art - Star Trek The Next Generation Insight Editions Official Tarot Deck

Star Trek X Insight Editions Official Tarot Deck 

Teaming up with Insight Editions and CBS Studios, I created 78 artworks for the official 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Tarot Deck, including box art.

Featuring both major and minor arcana, the set also comes with a helpful guidebook explaining each card’s meaning, as well as simple instructions for easy readings. Packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box.

Nicky Barkla Art - Disney and Target DVD Collection

Disney X Target DVD Collection

I had the pleasure of being selected by Disney Studios to create a collection of eight 'Art Edition' 4K/UHD/BR+Digital DVDs, exclusive to Target (U.S). 

Working alongside my Poster Pose team, I created the package artwork featuring films from Disney, Marvel & Pixar such as 'Cruella', 'Dr. Strange Into the Multiverse' & 'Turning Red'.

Each product comes with 2 Limited Edition Foil Etched Prints, with inside-pocket packaging.

Nicky Barkla Art Hannibal and Halloween Art Prints

'Hannibal' & 'Halloween' Licensed Art Prints Available

Artwork featured in Printed in Blood's latest licensed art books for the hit TV series Hannibal and the cult classic Halloween.

Hand Numbered Limited Edition of 100 (Hannibal) and 150 (Halloween) Fine Art Giclée Print on Epson Smooth Finish High-Quality Archival Paper

Size:  18" x 24"


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